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Platform Ready is proud to introduce our very own offer of Powerlifting Coaching and Strength Coaching.  With over 10 years of coaching experience and 20 years of lifting experience you know you are in capable hands.

We work with powerlifters, gym goers, professionals, you name it and we have you covered.  We just love helping people to become a stronger version of themselves regardless of end target.  If you are looking to compete, we can assist with all aspects of training and competition guidance. 


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The Journey, no bull****

What is important to remember before starting this journey with us.  We will not push a quick fix, a get strong in 30 days lie.  We will want to ensure you are supported in a sustainable way whilst remembering those that lift the longest, are typically the strongest.

Coaching and Programming

We offer coaching plans to suit all budgets, from self service through our very own App, to custom programming and even full coaching packages.

If you find yourself stuck in a rut, unsure how to structure your training or simply don't want to think about what you need to do in the gym.  We've got you covered and we have a plan for you.

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Interesting in knowing more? Simply drop us an email below, or message us though any of our social media channels.  We are more than happy to chat!

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