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Has your progressed slowed down?  or you don't know where to start?

The worst thing you can do is blindly follow some random gym bros who have no idea or even worse the best lifters in your gym who may tell you to lift like them.

This is your journey and your journey is unique.

We have plenty of options to get you on your way to progress.  We are more than happy to chat through the options available either through email or social media and if needed we can jump on a call to see if were right for you.

No cookie cutter programmes

Training volume and intensity will be fully bespoke to you as a lifter.  It's not acceptable that some coaches still program lightweight and super heavy weight lifters exactly the same.  We take into consideration your personal circumstances when creating customised training plans to ensure you're not burning out.  

All plans have structured deloads/ lighter weeks to ensure we manage fatigue throughout each training phase. It's not possible to simply just push and max out week on week.

Let's not hide though, we will push you and push you HARD.  At the end of the day you came to us to get your results and we will drive you forward.


VIP Coaching

From £150/month (spaces are limited)

My VIP membership includes a customised training plan tailored to your individual volume and intensity requirements, as well as nutritional targets and well-being check-ins to ensure you are on track for success. In addition, you'll have access to sleep tracking, check-in pictures, and more to give you a comprehensive view of your progress. With my ongoing support, you'll be able to adjust your plan as needed and stay on track to reach your goals.  This plan is very involved and we want you to engage and embrace what it's about.

You'll also receive video reviews and feedback, monthly Zoom check-ins, and message support via WhatsApp to ensure you have the support you need to succeed. This is a truly personalised coaching service, designed to give you the edge you need to take your lifting to the next level.

If you are interested, more details can be found here.


Customised Programming

Only £60/month

Elevate Your Strength: The Personalized Journey to Peak Performance

Welcome to the Accelerated Strength Transformation Program, where exceeding your strength goals is just the beginning. With our unparalleled commitment to success, evidenced by our 100% client progression rate and endorsements from elite athletes like Jimbo Cooper, we’re not just a program — we're a partnership in your strength journey. Our clients, some of whom have been with us for over eight years, have seen significant improvements, thanks to our actionable advice and structured guidance.

Why Choose Us? Legacy of Excellence

Our unmatched expertise is showcased through our long-standing legacy of success, including our work with world-renowned athletes. Leveraging the advanced technology of MyStrengthBook, we deliver a training experience that precisely tracks your progress in real-time, ensuring a personalized path to success.

Customized Coaching with a Kickstart

Every strength journey is unique, which is why our approach is highly personalized. Upon joining, you'll embark on our Kickstart Approach — a carefully crafted initial phase designed to provide visible results without overpromising. This phase includes intensive support and daily interactions to ensure you're on the right path, setting the foundation for sustained success.

  • 100% Client Progression: Our impeccable track record speaks volumes. With structured guidance and adaptive strategies, every client has seen measurable improvements.

  • Elite Athlete Trust: Our program's effectiveness and adaptability have earned the trust of elite athletes, making it a trusted choice for those aiming for the pinnacle of strength.

  • Immediate Action Plan: Receive a comprehensive review and actionable plan from day one, empowering you to make significant strides right from the start.

  • Real-Time Adaptability: Our program thrives on feedback. Utilizing our state-of-the-art app, we adjust your training weekly, ensuring continuous improvement.

Beyond Training: Comprehensive Support

Our commitment extends beyond the gym:

  • Seamless Integration: With compatibility across health and lifestyle tools, managing your fitness journey has never been easier.

  • Continual Learning Resources: Dive into a treasure trove of educational resources, including articles and tutorials, designed to empower your journey.

  • Personal Support via WhatsApp: Enjoy direct, personal support from your coach via WhatsApp, ensuring you have the motivation, accountability, and guidance you need, exactly when you need it.

Transform Your Strength Today

The Accelerated Strength Transformation Program isn't just about training; it's a comprehensive, personalized journey to the pinnacle of your strength potential. With expert coaching, innovative technology, and a supportive community, your transformation is inevitable.

Ready for Your Transformation?

Join now and start your journey with our proven, personalized, and adaptable strength training program. With our proven track record, cutting-edge app, and dedicated personal support, achieving your strength goals is not just possible—it's expected. Begin your journey to unprecedented strength today.

If you are interested, more details can be found here.


One Off Training Plans

We have a range of training plans that will be created for you as a one off arrangement.  These are often 3 or 6 month programmes.

We understand some don't want an ongoing subscription.  That is completely fine.

You still get the Platform Ready treatment and access to the App where all of your training will be scheduled and you can track all of your lifting metrics from within the app.

More details can be found here.



Platform Ready Self Service App


We now also offer a Netflix style subscription service for training plans.  This database of training plans constantly increases too!

The subscription gives you access to the app and you can run any of our training plans.  Simply select the training plan and run it.  Want to change part way through, select another and go again.

We have hypertrophy, strength and peaking blocks available for varying training volumes.  Need some advice?  Send us a message and we will give you some guidance on how to structure your training blocks based on your goals.

Have any special requests? We continually improve the app and will write new blocks based on requests.

All of your training history remains within the app during the length of your subscription.  If you then decided you wanted a bespoke plan or you wanted to become a coaching client, we can use this information to get you started on your next phase.

You can subscribe here


Why do we do it...

We coach because we love it and we get results!

We don't charge the same as other coaches for a reason.  We formed this business to give something back to the lifting community.  For that very reason we keep our prices lower than others.

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