Coaching & Programming

Here at Platform Ready we offer a wide range of lifting support in order to help you achieve your powerlifting and strength goals.

You don't need to be an experienced lifter to start, we can support every step of the way if you need support.  If you don't need coaching, we offer programming both custom programming and general programming.

Has your progressed slowed down?  or you don't know where to start?

We have plenty of options to get you on your way to progress.  We are more than happy to chat through the options available either through email or social media.

No cookie cutter programming

Training volume and intensity will be fully bespoke to you as a lifter.  It's not acceptable that some coaches still program lightweight and super heavy weight lifters exactly the same.  We take into consideration your personal circumstances when creating customised training plans to ensure you're not burning out.  

All plans have structured deloads/ lighter weeks to ensure we manage fatigue throughout each training phase. It's not possible to simply just push and max out week on week.


We offer fully customised coaching in order to help you achieve your goals.  This includes every phase of the training journey from hypertrophy and strength through to peaking for a competition.

Coaching packages are typically £80-100 per month and are dependent on what we agree you need from a bespoke coaching package.

We do not charge comparable to others because we coach to help people succeed in lifting.  We charge in order to avoid people wasting our time!

Most people only need to be coached for 3-6 months as we try to educate our lifters throughout the journey.  However, we find most people we coach stick with coaching for longer as we get results and they enjoy the journey and ongoing accountability.

We only coach a very limited number of people due to availability (typically limited to 5 lifters), so it is crucial we discuss exactly what is needed to ensure you get the service we pride ourselves on.  We will not compromise on our quality by coaching more lifters.

Message us your coaching enquiries below and to enquire about our availability.

Customised Programming

We will write you a fully customised training plan just like we would for any coaching client and this will be delivered through the same app as our coaching offering.

Do you want a plan for your next off season, your next competition?  Get in touch below, let us know what you are looking for and we will confirm the next steps and a fixed price.

We typically charge anywhere between £20-£60 one off fee for a customised training plan.  Obviously if you want us to program a 6 month training block we will need to charge accordingly.

You will have access to the app for the duration of your training plan.

For every person on our app we are charged monthly so we must cover these costs in any plan.  Again we charge to avoid time wasters.

Monthly Programming Subscription

We now also offer a Netflix style subscription service for training plans.  This database of training plans constantly increases too!

We charge £25 per month but if you send us a message below or on social media, we have £5 discount code available for the lifetime of your subscription.

The subscription gives you access to the app and you can run any of our training plans.  Simply select the training plan and run it.  Want to change part way through, select another and go again.

We have hypertrophy, strength and peaking blocks available for varying training volumes.  Need some advice?  Send us a message and we will give you some guidance on how to structure your training blocks based on your goals.

All of your training history remains within the app during the length of your subscription.  If you then decided you wanted a bespoke plan or you wanted to become a coaching client, we can use this information to get you started on your next phase.

You can subscribe here

Why do we do it...

We coach because we love it and we get results!

We don't charge the same as others, this isn't because we offer less, it's because we are limited in the time we can dedicate to coaching.  As we said above, we will not compromise in the quality of what we offer.

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