About Me

Here’s a bit about my journey in coaching, the experience I've gained, the lessons I've learned and ultimately how I apply my experience to help guide you to achieve strength gains, consistency in training and longevity in strength sports that may have felt out of reach to you previously. 

My coaching career, so far, has seen me coaching clients in bodybuilding, body recomposition, sports, powerlifting and even injury rehabilitation. I've trained athletes from all backgrounds and abilities, from people starting out in their sport to world class champions who want to fully realise their potential. 

I’ve been involved in strength training ever since my first trip to an old bodybuilding gym as a young teen, so strength training runs through my blood.  I’ve also always played team sports and firmly believe that my strength training has always taken me to the next level.  Talent and skill get you so far but your body performing at its peak strength and capabilities is what elevates you to the next level! 

I got into powerlifting during my late teens when, as an ice hockey player, I wanted to increase my performance and strength.  At the time I hadn’t really thought much about powerlifting but I got myself a coach who soon had me training like a “Powerlifter”.  Whilst still playing ice hockey 3-4 times per week and coaching 1-2 times per week but for fun, I entered a small local powerlifting meet which really opened my eyes to the world of powerlifting!

Shortly after this, I broke my ankle, which meant surgery and subsequently, no cartilage left in my ankle and the start of arthritis. The lack of stability in my ankle also meant that I couldn't return to ice hockey, time to dig deep! This experience allowed me an understanding of injury rehabilitation and made me become an advocate of longevity in sport, not a quick chase to the top and risk burn out, injury or even worse, an end to your sporting career.

During this period, I rehabilitated myself by doing the right types of training and I started becoming the guy to ask for advice in the gym. This is really where my coaching story began. An ex-ice hockey player and coach at the young age of 24 but I realised how I could still help people in different ways. I educated myself on everything to do with coaching sports, people and the mentality of athletes, plus rehabilitation and injury prevention.  

I’m not the type of coach that will have you maxing out (and burning out) each week with bro science training.  It’s all about the long game.  By building a strong base and learning the fundamentals, we’ll work out where you want to be, where you’re starting from and then an achievable growth plan to get you there.

Whether you’re a regular gym user, sports athlete or powerlifter, I am confident I will be able to coach or recommend one of my coaching programmes that will benefit you.