Women's Red Classic Tee

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Platform Ready fitted tee is part of our original range and quickly becoming a go to favourite of many and biggest seller to date.  Being a fitted tee, it means you get the shoulder, chest and arm emphasis you want but without the high street slim fitted feel.  It's a tee that has stood the test of time and our Athletes!


  • 15cm classic logo design.
  • 8cm PR logo on the rear.
  • PR hem loop at the base hem.
  • Fitted but not high street slim fit.
  • Shows off your shoulders, chest and arms better than a standard fit tee.
  • Stands up to everything our Athletes throw at them!


The T-shirt is available in Red with Black screen printed logo available from small through to XXL*.

*These fit slightly small i.e. a 10 is a fitted 10.

Size/Chest Measurement (Inches)

Small - 8

Medium - 10

Large - 12

XL - 14

XXL - 16

As with any ink printed garment, items should be turned inside out before washing.  They should be washed at no higher than 40 degrees and air dried naturally.  It is not advised to dry the garments on the radiator.