Our Vision


Platform Ready isn't just a clothing brand, it's a brand that seeks to drive the growth of the sport in the U.K. and the rest of the world.
#WEAREPLATFORMREADY is a hashtag used by the brand to bring together lifters from all over the world, showcasing the biggest lifts and events within our sport.
We create clothing that stands up to what you and our athletes throw at it!  Many have tried to ruin our clothing, many have failed!  We want out clothing to be ready for the test you will put before it.
Our Brand seeks to sponsor lifters most deserving of a sponsorship, events that increase the value of our sport and charities that are supported by many.
We bring prizes to events, we bring prize money, we create charity release tees in order to offer donations and we assist in creating as much of an impact as we can for events we are involved in.
We want to showcase our sport for all, creating an environment with exposure to as many as possible, as let's be honest, the lifting happening right now is worthy of being seen by everyone!
The question is... ARE YOU PLATFORM READY?