By Lifters, For Lifters


Platform Ready set out to be a Brand that isn’t driven by the same things as other companies.  We want a product that lasts and stands up to the punishment you throw at it. 

This doesn’t stop at quality materials, we work with experienced printers to ensure the quality of our screen print lasts just as long as the clothing itself.  Then to finish it off we add the detailed touches with quality labels and PR hem loops.

We don’t use cheap tee’s, vinyl prints or no details.  We set the standard for quality that other larger companies simply fail to provide you with.

All of our clothing is tried and tested by our Athletes and if it doesn’t meet their standards we simply don’t include it in our range.  It has to be right!

We cater for up to 5XL in men’s clothing and will continue to with as much as we can to ensure 3XL-5XL is covered.  Our women’s range includes up to 2XL and we aspire to include larger fitted clothing as we expand the range.