Brand Influencers

Fancy yourself as a brand influencer? Believe in the brand enough to become a part of it?  The Brand Influencer programme could well be your way to become part of the Platform Ready family!

We only want the best influencers to become part of the Brand.  That doesn't mean you need 50,000 instagram followers or your own YouTube channel to succeed.  You do need to be willing to increase the exposure of the Brand and if that results in sales then you can earn commission.

So what is expected of Brand Influencers?

  • Have 1,500 followers on Instagram as a minimum.
  • Regular social media posts tagging the Brand @platformready on instagram and using the hashtag #weareplatformready
  • Post to Instagram at least 4 times per week meeting the requirements above.
  • Instagram profile must be set to public.
  • Engage with followers of the Brand.
  • Promote the Brand in a positive manner at all times.
  • Do not engage in racial, political, gender, drug related or any other debate that would reflect negatively on the Brand.

 What can you expect from Platform Ready?

  • You will receive a percentage based commission on sales over a sales threshold.
  • Significant discount on all products.
  • Brand Influencer discount code to give 10% discount to friends and followers that will also be used to track sales.
  • Become part of the Platform Ready family with the potential for invites to team events.
  • Being a Brand Influencer creates the opportunity to becoming a Brand Athlete.
  • Reposted content on the Platform Ready Instagram page only when wearing Platform Ready clothing.

To become a Brand Athlete you will be expected to become a Brand Influencer prior to any offer of an Athlete contract.

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