Brand Ambassador's

One thing we get asked a lot is "what does it take to become a sponsored athlete or an ambassador?"


It really is as simple as that.  You wouldn't expect to be given a job if you couldn't add value to that role, that's exactly the same with Platform Ready.

So i ask you this, "what value can you bring to this brand?".

If you're unable to answer this without much thought, chances are you are applying for the wrong reasons or expect some freebies and to give nothing in return.  That won't work for us but you know that already.  If you're able to answer easily and can visualise how you'd fit into the brand then fill in the application below!

So here are the ground rules:

1.  You must be a lifter!

- We want to see you working damn hard - if you're jammy and look good doing it, then great but let's be honest who looks great during a max effort single? (unless you're a model or a unicorn!).  What's more important to us is that you present yourself well in images without the need for dodgy filters (dog ears? No thanks) and your content is interesting.

2. You align yourself with the brand

- You must understand the brand, what it stands for and mirror this ethos. (You are much more likely to be successful in being sponsored by a brand that is authentic to you, and how you live, than just going after a brand because you want to be sponsored!)
- You must be yourself, we really don't do fake!

3. You have a voice!

- Social media is the largest marketing platform and as an ambassador the stage is set for you to set it alight.
- You should have a large following on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.
- You will be putting out quality content and regularly interacting with your followers, your voice will be respected and your followers will be loyal to you.
- You focus on being consistent with your posting, adding real value to your followers with informative content, and enjoy what you are doing.

So what do we offer?

- You will receive a starting discount of 40%.
- We will promote you on our social media stories regularly.
- We will post your posts on Platform Ready pages as deemed suitable in relation to the media cycle we use.
- You will be able to attend meets and events with us and network and represent Platform Ready.

What would be expected of you as an ambassador?

- You will understand the brand and its ethics.
- You will interact with the brand, its followers and customers.
- You will never put the brand into disrepute or represent the brand in a negative way that conflicts with the ethics of the brand.
- You will showcase the products and generate leads.
- You will share applicable posts from the main social media pages as required.
- You will work with the management team and athletes for main marketing events for example new product lines.
- You will be yourself!

Ambassadors may have the opportunity to progress to an Athlete as part of the team but this will be discussed on an individual basis and is not guaranteed.

Please be patient when waiting for a response to your application as we get many to read through.

If you like the sound of it so far, we wish you all the best with your application!