WPC/WPO Worlds

Right I’m gonna start with apologising for my lack of posts recently, I was concentrating on my prep for wpc worlds and getting my long suffering girlfriend ready for the WPO meet.
As for that comp, I had the perfect run in, PBing in every one of my variations.  Hit my second planned lift with ease two weeks before, got to meet day and all my warm up went awesome, then, on my open I felt something pop in my lower back, failed the lift, went again and felt like I was being tasered in the hip, somehow got up with the squat but was judged to have had slight downward movement just before lockout, one of those things and I would have been in no fit state to bench anyways.
The day after, Steph took to the platform at one of the biggest events for multiply lifting in the world, the newly resurged WPO, the roster was like a whos who of equipped lifting, the warm up room was awesome to be in, Steph smashed it with a 230kg squat, 130kg bench and a 202.5kg deadlift and I couldn’t have been more proud of her.
The WPO was everything that they had promised, the atmosphere was absolutely something else and the lifting top drawer, 300kg plus squats from the girls and 1000lbs wasn’t even considered an opener in the heavyweight mens.  
The highlight for me was seeing Dave Hoff squatting 560kg and making easy work of it and until you’ve seen the man do it in person please do not jump on the high squat band wagon, he sunk that squat and not a person in the room would have said otherwise.
It was truly inspiring to be around and has well and truly ignited my want to get back into my canvas and sdp shirt.
So with this I bid single ply a fond farewell, I will be back though as I have unfinished business with it.
As I go forward with this blog I’m going to start interviewing lifters and people that inspire me, with either their lifting, their attitude or their love of the sport.
I’m three months out from my first multiply ply meet in well over a year so expect plenty of ranting posts!
Peace out