Trophy Hunters

When starting this blog, I thought it would be a great way to get out my rambling and thinkings and see if it struck a chord with anyone, and you have all been great giving me such awesome feedback, but the one common comment I do keep getting is “why are you being so nice? You’re normally so opinionated when you’re ranting” so without further ado, my first rant blog.
Over the years there is one thing that I have never understood, people that lift in tested feds when they are indulging in PED usage knowing full well that they are a test away from being completely discredited and having any achievements stripped.
Now let’s get it straight, there is absolutely no need! There are ways to lift untested in every way possible, be it multi/single/classic/raw blah blah so that’s not an excuse.
So, the only reason I can see why anyone would, is to cheat their way to a little plastic medal or a bit of paper that you wouldn’t have otherwise got.
And that shit sticks.. it doesn’t matter how good of a lifter you are.. if you’ve cheated your way to a win and get found out, no one will ever look at you the same again.
That’s not considering that you can be cheating someone out of a possible call up to a worlds/euros/British champs invite because they were knocked down the placings by the cheats.
And if anything, it seems to be getting more widespread.  There doesn’t seem to be a comp go by where there aren’t one or two lifters found to have been cheating or even worse refusing a test!!
Ignorance is not an excuse either.  The terms and conditions are well laid out in the membership packs and terms and conditions.  The resources are out there as well.. the Wada website even has a little link where you can search whatever you’re planning on consuming and see if it’s not allowed.
So what Is the point?  You can gain notoriety within the sport no matter what side of the fence you lift on and to be honest, as long as you don’t cross those lines no one frankly gives a fuck what you’re up to, we just want to see people lift big massive weights!
Which at the end of the day is what it’s all about.  Just do it fairly and in the right context of an organisation appropriate to your supplementation.
So in short, don’t be a douche and cheat your way into this sport, if you want a plastic medal that bad then just buy one and save your fed the money of finding you guilty!
Peace out douches ✌️