The Joy Of Bombing

Don’t worry I’ve not been taken into some weird cult that’s talking me into performing random acts on innocent people, I’m talking about something in powerlifting that seems to be much frowned upon yet is often for those that experience it the best thing that happens to them.
When do you learn if things didn’t go wrong, how do you know not to eat things straight out of the oven, how do you know to wash you hands after you poop, how do you know that yellow snow isn’t a slush puppy?????? Cos you didn’t listen to those that knew better and you had to find out the hard way. Which is often the case with powerlifting, and I include myself in that camp.
You sit there for a whole day planning your perfect prep, you prepare every meal to the smallest macro, you don’t miss a single rep in training, your numbers look spot on. Then along comes the comp and you can’t hit depth, can’t touch in your shirt the list is endless, and it dawns on you that you didn’t actually hit depth once in any of your training videos, you didn’t touch once in that shirt you used comp day and on and on.
So you learn that next time you need to add those things in and it won’t happen again, doesn’t mean something else won’t crop up but at least that thing should be fixed for next time.
But before you know it the Facebook police have chirped in and making you feel even worse about wasting a comp cycle and not making the most of it. This is something I don’t understand, and I never have. It’s how we as human race learned things, we had to fail to learn not to do those things again, we are descended from the people that didn’t think a t-rex would make a good pet and it was better to hide.
So why do we alienate lifters that make those mistakes often very painfully for all to see?? Is it some awful way of making ourselves feel better for when it happened to us, or is it a secret desire that we harbor to be that person that throws caution to the wind in the hope it will pay off big time??
I’ve been on receiving end of this abuse a fair few times and am lucky enough to have always shrugged it off or fight my corner and come back stronger, but some aren’t like that or aren’t lucky enough to have some kind words said when needed. And they give up which I think is a massive shame.
So how about at your next comp when you witness someone bomb out give them a kind word and build them up so they comeback stronger and learn from what went wrong or are you scared they will come back stronger and beat you!