Monday morning we woke up to the very sad news that one of the UK’s brightest young lifters had very sadly lost his fight against depression.
I got to know Danny through his unquenching love of equipped lifting and would spend many evenings chatting away to him about a pair of briefs or the merits of canvas vs poly, or my personal favourite, why he was setting his chains up wrong for speed work.
His passion for lifting wasn’t the only thing that endeared people to him, he was an outright decent guy that would help and do anything he could for anyone.
This is further backed up when you see the countless tributes to him that are being shared. Everyone that came into contact with him would instantly be hooked by his endless enthusiasm and his will to drive them to better themselves.
This was all achieved whilst he was battling some crippling mental health issues, the inner strength that he must have had was immense and is further testament to what a great loss his passing will be to the future of UK powerlifting.
I want to use this to draw attention to a campaign that’s been set up to make sure that Danny has a lasting impact and some positive comes from this.
The hashtags
are being used to raise awareness for those fighting mental health and to ensure they are always heard and never feel alone again.
Both Platform Ready and also Savage Apparel are getting behind the campaign and also furthering the work they are doing to fundraise for the mental health charity MIND.
So please get behind this..
And in the meantime, you sort out that canvas technique Danny-boy cos our time for that battle we spoke about will come, first to 500 wins.