Is Facebook really killing powerlifting?

It’s an often used phrase that I hear and it always gets me thinking is it true or not.
I’ve got to admit there has always been a Facebook whilst I’ve been lifting and it’s only been the last couple of years that people are saying it’s causing issues. The pre Facebook people all say that it has taken some of the fun away from meet day, you’d see your competition maybe twice or three times a year, not a clue how they had trained or what they have been up to. Get to comp and you’d just go for it. Now you can face stalk them right up until weigh in, track every weight lifted every meal out every ml of water drunk during there weight cut. You can see how your numbers are comparing and even work out what you need to do to beat them before you’ve even touched a bar.
As an equipped lifter it’s never really been worth me doing all that, as my training normally involves some form of accommodating resistance which is pretty impossible to replicate from one lifter to another but I know a lot of raw lifters that to some degree obsess over what there competition are posting even to the point of pulling out of a comp if they know there numbers are down on what they need for that plastic medal.
My own personal opinion of social media in relation to powerlifting is it’s awesome. In a click of my stubby fingers I can be messaging lifters all around the world chatting about lifting, how they overcome problems, what’s there favourite food, can they send me mint m&ms, any hints or tips they can send my way, how to cook jerked chicken, the list goes on and on. I’m also really lucky in that it gives me a way to get myself onto the books of some awesome international comps and enables me to ‘sell’ myself to promoters to lift at comps.
The only problem being a man of modest income and spare time I simply can’t afford to go to every comp I’m invited to. I’ve also through Facebook got to meet some absolute world class lifters who I now consider amongst my closest friends, I’d even personally forgive Mr Zuckerberg (or whatever his name is) for stealing my browsing history and selling it on for giving me these awesome friends.
So the problems, hmmmmm, the new breed of Crossfit loving fitness model sponsorship craving bum wiggling fitspo creatures that seem to have crept in and set up camp in and around my beloved sport. It doesn’t seem enough to these people to lift there guts out and get recognised for what they do on the platform but they have to also have a Facebook and Instagram page that at times resembles soft porn. There is one I see pop up every now and then and you can even hear it telling the camera person ‘make sure my butt is in the middle of the shot’ wtf!
Your supposed to be a lifter interested in death or glory on the platform not how many men are gonna screen grab this for there own amusement. There are also stories from a recent Arnold’s where a ‘power builder’ whatever that is, had just a big a queue to have there photo taken with as Kai green and several other world class bodybuilders, all that with a 120kg deadlift, hardly ground breaking stuff, but a look through there insta and it wouldn’t be hard to see what said powerbuilder had for breakfast.
Another problem with faceygram and powerlifting together seems to be the access to constant scrutiny, yeah it’s true and I do it, we post our training and comp videos on there for the world to see but what we don’t take into account that every internet guru is there waiting for one little toe out of place to try and rip you session apart and belittle you in front of the world. Don’t get me wrong sometimes it’s awesome to have some new eyes on your lifts that may spot something you and your training partners don’t as long as it’s done in a respectful way, via a pm or if your friends a watts app message not in the all so often seen ‘that’s shit do it this way’, which is often and quite rightly so taken the way it’s given and as an offence.
Personally my Facebook is a mixture of both lifters and my friends and family, the later of which like to see what I’m up to as I live a fair distance from them. The last thing they want to see is Tommy high squat calling me out for my left knee wrap knot having a slightly longer know than the right. I think this is all too often forgotten that there is a person on the other side of that Facebook Video so a bit of decorum wouldn’t go amiss.
So that’s my thoughts on Facebook killing powerlifting and well it isn’t, it’s just giving very highly charged and at often times highly emotional people access to one another in ways that wasn’t there in the past, you probably don’t agree with me and think it’s something else but that’s the beauty of me having this blog and I’ve now got you thinking.
Peace out douches!
Oh and by the way I’m 4 weeks out from the hell on earth that is bodypower, wonder how many powerbuilders will want their photo with me!!