At least once a month in my many random chats I have with my Facebook friends I get asked about what and who inspires me most with my lifting.
Now don’t get me wrong I love watching raw lifting and there are some awesome lifters out there that are great to watch, Platform Ready’s own Josh Cannon is one of them, but that’s not me or what does it for me.
Equipped is where my heart is so watching videos of Dave Hoff, Henry Thomason, Andy Bolton, Blaine Summer doing there thing on the platform is what keeps me determined to keep pushing myself. But what really inspires me and motivates me is seeing the women of equipped going for it!!! Often lifting in the same flight as the men and a lot of the time out wilks points them and even out lifting in kg/lbs some of the men!! And often at a lower weight.
If you’ve never seen these ladies going for it your missing out, spend 10 minutes when your next in the bath or sitting on the loo, have a search on YouTube for Shawna mendleson, Laura phelps, Rheta West, the uk’s Dott shaw (who now very sadly isn’t with us but her legend lives on) and Emma James.
Image of Shawna Mendleson squatting over 300kg
These women pushed and continue to push the limits of what most believe a ‘girl’ can do, with 300+kg squats 180+kg benches and 260+kg deadlifts!!!! These are numbers that some men would be happy with!!! Yet they do it with no fuss or ego, just get the job done as though it’s nothing special.
And from what I’ve seen the future is looking very bright for the female side of equipped lifting, Heidi howar and the Sweatt Shop Training Crew, Anna mccluskey, Ellie steel are just the first names that pop into my head that are all pushing massive numbers already, doing speed work with numbers that even I would be happy with at 2x there size! And they're all doing it with a smile on there face and truly enjoying doing there thing.
Just from personal experience over the years I’ve been lifting and coaching both male and female lifters I’ve got to say even in a coaching situation the women have it nailed, they're more eager, more trusting and yeah I will say it they listen! The lack of ego is what gets the girls stronger and stronger every session, they don’t go home and ask 15 other lifters what they think ‘coach’ is doing wrong constantly second guessing there program, they post there video on Facebook proud of what they’ve done, hope for a few likes and move onto there next workout.
And if you're still not a believer get along to an all female comp, GPC’s nodumbelles is a prime example, Tania runs awesome comps no matter what setting it is but nodumbelles is her baby so to say, 30-40 women all pushing some awesome numbers, and the most supportive and encouraging environment to lift in that I’ve ever seen. There wasn’t a quiet moment in the room, no attitudes/egos, no fights, no name calling, no evil looks being sprayed from random seated lifters, just an awesome day.
So in short, if your lifts have stalled and you don’t know what to do ask yourself ‘Are you strong, or are you girl strong’ cos the girls are coming for us and they won’t give two shits if they beat us boys just ask can they do it again.